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Everything you need to know about Raw Hair extensions

For several years now, the current trend has been human hair instead of synthetic extensions which are not often produced ethically . Long appreciated, in addition to creating a completely natural look, these extensions are the most recommended hair choice to enhance your beauty. If you want, one day, to adopt raw hair extensions as a weave for your future hairstyle and change your look , here is a guide which contains all the information you need to know beforehand.

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What is “Raw Hair”?

Unlike Virgin Hair, the term Raw Hair is used to refer to raw unprocessed natural hair, made up of natural strands and without synthetic fibers. Raw Hair is therefore virgin, precious hair and has never undergone any chemical treatment.

It is hair with intact cuticles and which are aligned in the same direction, which has not been chemically treated or processed. Simply cut, washed and disinfected then distributed on a weft to use it in extension. No steam treatment to change its natural texture, nor heat has been used for this hair type.

There are therefore no animal hairs or plastic fibers. They are completely pristine and authentic. Raw Hair locks only come from a single donor. This is the assurance of finding homogeneity of texture and quality within the same package. Thus, you benefit from a hair extension with superior quality while remaining uniform. It is for all these reasons that it is the purest and highest range of hair available on the market.

Origins of hair

The hair comes mainly from donors from regions such as India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma. People in these regions have a certain type of hair: stiff and strong.

The textures of Raw Hair type extensions

When we talk about “Raw Hair”, the basic rule to know is that suppliers only offer three types of textures directly for sale: smooth and straight texture, wavy texture and natural curly texture. The appearance of raw hair is less silky (especially curly hair) than that of Virgin hair (which is processed for sale), its texture is a little less satiny but it has great versatility and offers options for hairstyles of quality



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Why choose Raw Hair extensions?

Raw Hair extensions offer numerous hair possibilities. They are attributed with many advantages. Indeed :

  • These extensions have a very long lifespan thanks to their composition of 100% natural hair;

  • They are very flexible and therefore easy to handle for various weave, wig or ponytail hairstyles ;

  • They are silky and shiny;

  • They can be tinted without being damaged;

  • Raw hair strands can be styled to look natural;

They are easy to maintain whether they are straight , curly or wavy .

How to choose your Raw Hair extensions?

When you want to invest in luxury extensions, you often don't know how to make your choice when it comes to strands. These few tips will help you recognize real raw hair .

Choose the right length

On the market, there are different lengths of Raw Hair depending on each person's styles and preferences. Our brand offers you lengths: 16, 18, 22 and 24 inches.

Choosing extensions that are long enough will allow you to try different styles while maintaining volume and density.

Choose a wick without added chemicals

Raw hair does not contain chemicals and has not been processed. It is precisely thanks to their natural composition that these extensions can be manipulated without losing their silky texture and versatility. Our desire is to offer you any wick that does not contain chemical components in order to artificially modify them. Also, it is preferable to opt for hair that has not been bleached beforehand. See our offer online without getting lost on Google.

Favor extensions with intact cuticles

It is essential that the strands of your raw hair are aligned in the same direction. This avoids the risk of knots forming and makes the extensions flexible when combing. They must have an intact cuticle and as a reminder respect the Single Donor standard.

Where to order the best Raw Hair?

Specialist in Indian raw hair and having good experience in the field, our brand offers the sale of hair products via its website. We collaborate with various reliable partners and suppliers. Which reflects our commitment to the quality of our weaves, lace frontals and other hair accessories that we make available to you.


Curly hair

How to order Raw Hair in our online e-shop?

Whether you live in France or internationally, ordering raw hair extensions can be done from our online store. We have several types of hair depending on the quality, color and authenticity you are looking for: straight, wavy, curly.

We partner with trusted carriers for your best hair shopping experience on the web.

Once your order has been placed with The Quiet Avant Gardist , take care to regularly monitor its status until it is delivered.


What is the average price of Raw Hair at The Quiet Avant Gardist?

The cost of hair extensions depends on their grade, length and hair type. Generally, it costs from 100 euros for a pack of 100 grams of excellent quality human hair strands. For a complete head and depending on the need, count 1 pack for a ponytail, 2-3 whole packs for a weave and finally 2-4 packs for a wig with a provided density.


How to take care of your extensions?

To maintain the durability of Raw Hair extensions , they need maintenance . To do this, it is important to wash them with water and suitable shampoos. A branded, moisturizing and gentle shampoo will allow you to take better care of your locks. Once they have been cleaned, it is recommended not to use a dryer repeatedly and to let them air dry.

Finally, although they easily tolerate straightening, curling or curling, it is still important to protect them with suitable products before exposing them to a heat source. So choose a thermal protectant before straightening your hair. Regularly, use conditioners, protective and moisturizing creams so as not to dry out the strands or make them rough. By following these valuable tips, you are sure to keep your hair for many years and maximize your investment.


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