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How to maintain your raw hair extensions?

The acquisition of your new Raw Hair type extensions is an investment that requires proper care and patience to fully enjoy their benefits.

They may not be your "real" hair, but you certainly want them to look like it. Even though your virgin hair extension is not your own living and growing hair, it requires special attention and regular maintenance, just like your "real" hair. And this maintenance is even more crucial for your extensions when it comes to giving them body, shine, and longevity.




The first step in proper hair extension care is detangling. You should always ensure that the hair is not tangled and has no knots before shampooing.

This detangling process involves using a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush and very gentle combing motions. Avoid long sweeping movements from top to bottom of the extension. Instead, comb in small, progressive sections, using short movements from bottom to top to prevent excessive tension and pulling. Also, avoid combing/brushing the hair when wet, as this is when the follicles are most vulnerable.



Shampooing should be done at least once a week (depending on texture, sweat, and environmental conditions) and always with lukewarm water. It is also preferable to wash extensions with a moisturizing shampoo.

For best results and less stress on the hair, wash, condition, and rinse with a gentle bottom-to-top motion. Never rub the hair and avoid any movement that would cause excessive friction. For optimal results and to extend the life of your extension, make sure to use sulfate-free shampoos, preferably organic products. Rinse after each wash, and wash your hair a maximum of two times a week.

Once again, apply and gently penetrate the conditioner from top to bottom. It is even better to use natural oils such as almond or coconut for revitalizing effects than commercial conditioners (with inevitable chemicals they contain). These oils penetrate deeper and help moisturize the extension hair.

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